Why do I need a contact lens evaluation each year?

Patients who wear contact lenses require additional testing beyond that of a standard eye exam. Contact lenses are considered medical devices and may pose health risks that can seriously affect the eye.

A thorough evaluation is required in order to renew your contact lens prescription every year. The following procedures are required to renew your prescription:

  1. Evaluation of the health of the lids and lashes
  2. Evaluation of the cornea and its layers for edema, abrasions, ulcers, and hypoxia (the lack of oxygen associated with contact lens wear)
  3. Determination of proper lens positioning and movement
  4. Confirmation of proper prescription
  5. Review of new lens designs and materials that may improve comfort and health

Fitting contacts is both a science and an art that requires time and expertise. The fees for contact lens evaluations and management may vary depending on the type of contact lens required. The time, additional visits, and special tests associated with contact lenses are not part of a standard eye exam.

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